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The Society brings out following types of publications:

  • Indian Journal of Agronomy
  • Indian Agronomy News
  • Extended Summaries/Proceedings of the Symposia / Conferences
  • Text Books / Reviews


Indian Journal of Agronomy

It has a handsome NAAS rating of 6.0 out of 10.0, which is one of the highest among agricultural science journals in India.
The journal has ISSN number 0537-197X and it is indexed in all major abstracting journal of the world.


Indian Agronomy News

In this Newsletter, news items pertaining to general agriculture of agronomic significance, achievements in research and teaching of the members of the Society, career advancements, awards and honours, conferences and symposia held or to be organized, books and other publications in the field of Agronomy, Ph.D. theses, new life members, retirements etc. are included. It is a quarterly publication of the Society, brought in the month of March, June, September and December in the form of a folder of 4 to 6 pages. It is mailed to members of the Society and libraries free of cost. It was started in 1978 and some break period from 1980-88, it is now brought out regularly.


Extended Summaries/Proceedings of the Symposia / Congresses / Conferences

The Society organizes various symposia, conferences, congresses periodically and brings out the publications containing papers presented orally or through posters in the form of Extended Summaries or Proceedings of the full length invited and orally-presented papers. The list of such publications brought out by the Society in recent years and which are available for sale are given below:


Sl No. Title Members (Rs.) Libraries (Rs.) Foreign (US $) Postal Charges (Rs.)
1. Sustainable Agriculture (Issues, Perspectives and Prospects in Semi-Arid Tropics) Vol. I & II 150.00 300.00 30.00 120.00
2. Agroforestry Systems in India 400.00 75.00 15.00 60.00
3. Efficient Cropping Systems Zones of India 135.00 200.00 20.00 60.00
4. Resource Management for Sustained Crop Production 150.00 300.00 30.00 50.00
5. Integrated Input Management for Efficient Crop Production 125.00 250.00 25.00 60.00
6. Proceedings: First International Agronomy Congress 250.00 375.00 15.00 60.00
7. Proceedings: Second International Agronomy Congress 250.00 375.00 150.00 120.00


Text Books / Reviews

Text books and reviews related to different aspects of Agronomy are also brought out by the Society as per need. The following books were brought in recent years and are available for sale:


Sl No. Title Members (Rs.) Libraries (Rs.) Foreign (US $) Postal Charges (Rs.)
1. Non-monetary Inputs in Field Crop Production 30.00 75.00 30.00 60.00
2. Agronomy 2000 AD – Looking Ahead 35.00 105.00 35.00 40.00
3. Quarter Century of Agronomic Research (1975-1980) 25.00 75.00 25.00 40.00
4. Agronomic Research Towards Sustainable Agriculture 30.00 60.00 10.00 40.00
5. Agronomic Terminology 150.00 200.00 10.00 50.00
6. Fifty Years of Agronomic Research in India 250.00 350.00 35.00 60.00
7. Recent Advances in Agronomy 225.00 375.00 35.00 60.00

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