ISA Best Paper Award

This award is presented for the best research paper amongst the papers published in the four volumes of Indian Journal of Agronomy during a calendar year. The award carries a citation and cash prize of Rs.2000/-. The Executive Council appoints a committee for this purpose and the award is presented during the biennial General Body Meeting of the Society. The previous recipients of ISA Best Paper Award are as follows:


2014 Dr U.S. Surve
2013 Dr V.K. Singh
2012 Drs. D.R. Palsaniya
R. Singh
R.K. Tewari
R.S Yadav
R.V. Kumar
S.K. Dhyani
2011 Drs. S.S. Walia
M.S. Gill
Bharat Bhushan
R.R. Phutela
C.S. Aulakh
2010 Dr. K. Sankaranarayanan
2009 Dr. R.S. Dhawan
2008 Dr. R.P. Sharma
2007 Dr. Kalyan Singh
2006 Drs. A.S. Dhindwal
I.S. Hooda
R.K. Malik
S. Kumar
2005 Drs. R. Rajendran
V. Ravi
K. Valliappan
T. JayarajNadasabhapathy
S. Ramanathan
V. Balasubramanian
2004 Dr. S.S. Parihar
2003 Dr. C. Jayanti
Dr. M. Balusamy
Dr. C. Chinnusamy
Dr. S. Mythili
2002 Dr.Ved Prakash
Dr. S. Kundu
Dr. B.N. Ghosh
Dr. R.D. Singh
Dr. H.S. Gupta
2001 Dr. H.P. Maheshwarappa
Dr. M.R. Hegde
Dr. R. Dhanpal
Dr. C.V. Sairam
Dr. T. Vidhan Singh
2000 Dr. R.A. Raju
Dr. M.N. Reddy
1999 Dr. S.S. Parihar
Dr. D. Pandey
Dr. R.K. Shukla
Dr. V.K. Verma
Dr. N.K. Chaure
Dr. K.K. Chaudhary
Dr. K.S. Pandya
1998 Dr. D. M. Hegde
1997 Dr. U.S. Tiwana
Dr. R.S. Narang
1994 Dr.Janardan Singh
Dr. H.L. Sharma
Dr. C.M. Singh
1993 Dr. P.M. Nimje
Dr. A.P. Gandhi
1992 Dr. R. Kuladaivelu
Dr. T. Yellamanda Reddy
1991 Dr. R. Karketta
Dr. N.K. Prasad
1990 Dr. R. Govindan
K.N. Chinnaswami
B. Chanrasekaran
M.N. Budhar
J. Prince
Dr. R.B. Singadhupe
Dr. R.K. Rajput

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