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The Society has instituted since 1987 ISA Medals and Fellows amongst the outstanding active ordinary and life members in recognition of their professional leadership, outstanding contributions and service to the Indian Society of Agronomy. Total number of Fellows at any time should not exceed 10 percent of the life membership subject to maximum of 200 and the number of Fellows selected each year does not normally exceed six. The number of ISA Medalists each year does not exceed two.


The Executive Council of ISA appoints a search committee comprising 5-6 members amongst the Gold Medalists, Fellows of ISA and Honorary Members. The selection of Gold Medalists and Fellows by the search committee is based on the personal knowledge of the members or the committee may invite the biodata of all those being considered for these awards. The committee submits the recommendations to the Executive Council for final approval.


The Executive Council may also elect individuals (non-members) as Fellows who in its opinion have rendered conspicuous service to the cause of Agronomy, provided that not more than one person is selected in any one year.


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The previous recipients of ISA Fellow and Medal are as follows:


ISA Fellow 2014 Dr S. Bhaskar
Dr S.K. Tiwari
Dr Anchal Dass
Dr C.S. Praharaj
Dr A.C. Shivran
Dr V.K. Dua
Dr G. Partibha
Dr V. Maruthi
ISA Fellow 2013 Dr Rajbir Singh
Dr D. Blaise
Dr K.G. Mandal
Dr Praveen Kumar
Dr N.K. Jain
Dr Shiva Dhar
Dr Rajender Kumar
Dr J.V.N.S. Prasad
2012 Anil Dixit
Dinesh Kumar
M.V. Venugopalan
N.K. Sharma
P.S. Rathore
Sudhir Kumar Shukla
T.K. Srivastava
V. Ramamurthy
2011 B. Gangaiah
G. Ravindra Chary
Jaideep Kumar Bisht
K. Velayudham
O.P.S. Khola
S.N. Sharma
Umakant Behera
Vinod Kumar Singh
2010 Ved Pal Singh
J.S Mishra
M.L. Jat
R.K. Pannu
V.M. Bhale
Sati Sankar Singh
A.S. Rao
S.K. Tripathy
Guriqbal Singh
K.S. Rana
2009 A.R. Sharma
Jayanthi Chinnuswamy
P. Digambarappa Biradar
D.S. Rana
T.K. Das
N.P. Singh
D.K. Sharma
Gurmit Singh Buttar
Ashok Kumar
Yashbir Singh Shivay
2008 Ashok Kumar
B.R. Rajeswara Rao
B.S. Mahapatra
C. Chinnuswamy
M.A. Shankar
P.K. Ghosh
2007 A.K. Vyas
E.V.S. Prakasa Rao
Jose Mathew
N.N. Angirus
P.S. John
P. Subbian
2006 A.K. Singh
N.S. Rana
Shaik Mohammad
W.S. Guleria
2005 A.K. Pathak
B. Chandrasekharan
C.L. Patel
V.C. Patil
S.V. Kaore
2004 Dr Amarjit Singh Bali
Dr Badrul Hasan
Dr G. James Martin
Dr Prafulla Kumar Mahapatra
Dr Ram Pratap Singh
Dr Shyam Sundar Mondal
2003 Dr Anil Kumar Dahama
Dr Mukhta Singh Gill
Dr Ankush Shrirang Jadhav
Dr Gurbachan Singh
Dr K.P. Singh
Dr Upendra Nath Verma
2002 Dr Goverdan Singh
Dr V.S. Korikanthimath
Dr G.S. Jadhav
Dr R.D. Mishra
Dr R.C. Thakur
Dr S.K. Sharma
2001 Dr Menhi Lal
Dr V.S. Verma
Dr R.K. Malik
Dr R.A. Khan
Dr P.K. Awasthi
Dr L.S. Brar
2000 Dr B.P. Singh
Dr C.J. Itnal
Dr H.C. Sharma
Dr Kalyan Singh
Dr N.L. Joshi
Dr Mahendra Singh
1999 Dr R.C. Gautam
Dr B. Gangwar
Dr K.S. Panwar
Dr K.S. Sandhu
Dr H.V. Nanjappa
Dr D.S. Yadav
1998 Dr Mir Mustafa Husain
Dr A.S. Prabhakar
Dr P.P. Singh
Dr B.S. Verma
Dr D.D. Malavia
1997 Dr Masood Ali
Dr D.M. Hegde
Dr D.P. Singh
Dr M.S. Kairon
Dr M.S. Shaktawat
1996 Dr J.S. Kolar
Dr Arvind Kumar
Dr R.P.S. Ahlawat
Dr M.A. Singlachar
Dr Subhash Shinde
Dr M.V. Dhoble
1995 Dr R.L. Yadav
Dr M.M. Hosmani
Dr B.N. Mittra
Dr G.C. Shrotriya
Dr S.D. Singh
Dr G.M. Bharad
1994 Dr R.S. Narang
Dr J.C. Patel
Dr K.G. Pillai
Dr R.P. Roy Sharma
Dr G.L. Jain
1993 Dr Dr K.S. Rathi
Dr Mahendra Pal
Dr I.P.S. Ahlawat
Dr C.M. Singh
Dr B.C. Biswas
Dr S. Rami Reddy
1992 Dr N.N. Kakati
Dr Ramendra Singh
Dr T.C. Jain
Dr G.S. Kalra
Dr B.R. Hegde
Dr H.C. Sharma
Dr R.K. Rajput
1991 Dr V.C. Srivastava
Dr Kanwar Singh
Dr A. Mishra
Dr A.S. Warsi
Dr V.S. Khuspe
Dr S.C. Modgal
Dr V.M. Bhan
Dr Chokhey Singh
Dr A.S. Faroda
Dr K. R. Shivashankar
Dr K. N. Singh
1988-89 Dr K.R. Kulkarni
Dr D. Lenka
Dr SP. Palaniappan
Dr D.S. Malik
Dr N.K.Umrani
Dr S.K. Mukhopadhyay
Dr G.S. Sekhon
Dr I.C. Mahapatra
Dr U.C. Upadhyay
Dr Panjab Singh
Dr S.B. Hukkeri
Dr R.B. Patel
Dr S. Sankaran
Dr M.N. Sadaphal
Dr R. Prasad
Dr G.B. Singh
Dr V. Kumar
Dr H.G. Singh
Dr K. Krishnamoorthy
Dr S.S. Cheema
1988 Dr Mahatim Singh
Dr Rajat De
1987 Dr N.G. Dastane
Dr B.G. Bathkal
Dr H.S. Maan
Dr Y.B. Morachan
Dr R.M. Singh
Dr C. Sreedharan
Dr K.C. Sharma
Dr B.N. Chatterjee
Dr P.S. Lamba
Dr R.B.L. Bharadwaj

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